Thanksgiving Plans - what are you doing

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Thanksgiving Plans - what are you doing
Thu, 11-18-2004 - 11:06am

So, what's everyone doing for Thanksgiving? Are you hosting dinner? Do you have lots of people coming to your house? Are you going somewhere? Cooking any favorite dishes? Tell all!!!

We're going to my cousins' house for Thanksgiving dinner which is nice because DH and I have hosted every holiday for the last 7 years so its nice to have someone else host it. The only down side is that its a 2 hour drive each way and we have 2 little kids in the car - hopefully they'll sleep part of the way. I'm in charge of bringing beverages and a dessert but will probably bring 2 because I won't be able to decide (which is always the problem when we host, DH and I can never decided so we end up cooking/baking WAY too much food!). I'm bringing an apple pie and thinking of trying a cranberry pecan pie.

So, what are you doing?


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Thu, 11-18-2004 - 8:00pm
I voted for going out to eat in the poll that we have going below.

Snowman Siggy

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Sun, 11-21-2004 - 11:14am

Dh and I are cooking dinner this year.

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Thu, 12-02-2004 - 8:34pm
To my inlaws Thanksgiving & my family the next day & hosted bil/sil Saturday & did nothing on Sunday because we were too exhausted!