~*~*Thursday Three*~*~ ;-)

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~*~*Thursday Three*~*~ ;-)
Thu, 08-18-2005 - 5:58am

What TV Show best describes your life right now and why? (can be an old or new show)

Which character do you play in that show and why?


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Thu, 08-18-2005 - 11:44am

According to Jim. Every time Mark and I watch it, there is at least one thing about Jim or Cheryl that reminds of he and I.

I don't know who I'd like to be .... lots of people. lol. Maybe Rory Gilmore because she goes to Yale and has a really cool mom and lives in a quirky, awesome small town and has a HOT, sweet boyfriend. Although, she's a journalism major, so that could be a deal breaker for me these days!

Today my mood is:


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Thu, 08-18-2005 - 3:46pm

Laguna Beach, and I would probably be Jessica because her friends are always trying to tell her that her boyfriend isn't good for her and deep down I think she knows that, but she doesn't want to believe it so she continues to stay with him. That's a lot like me.

I would like to be Mel on the Real World...only if she's still with Danny, because I LOVE LOVE LOVE Danny..lol...... but.....

I'm with Jen on this and I would like to be either Rory or Loreli, because I think they are both awesome and I love the town they live in.

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