The weekend?

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The weekend?
Mon, 01-31-2005 - 6:06am
How was everyones weekend?

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Mon, 01-31-2005 - 8:35am

I had a great Saturday AM: I met a friend for coffee who I haven't seen or really spoken to much since before the holidays - we had a lot of catching up to do, so we wound up running all our Saturday errands together! It was really great and we still have MORE to catchup on! After that, I had to take my daughters shopping for semi-formal and prom dresses at the mall - ugh. Not too fun, but it was good to see what's out there and pricing, etc. My H is baffled as to why it's so expensive...or, for that matter, why they have to go, especially since the 15 dd is going with a gf - lol. Dads, some of them just don't understand or remember what it's like to be a teenager.

ON Sunday, my H and I went to pick up a new picnic set for our patio that we got for a steal. It includes the table, chairs, umbrella and base for $300. It's price was originally $459, so I am very happy. And additional chairs will only cost about $15/each...which is my next to do thing. We also stopped in on some friends for a short visit and to check out thier new kitchen floor. And then I had to head back out with the girls in our search for the 'perfect' dress. I came back feeling a little tired and

We ARE in the deep freeze also, but the 'heat wave' enabled me to actually clean out my car and wash it too! It was getting pretty gross in there, but now it's sparkling! My dogs were able to go out without booties and sweaters, which was great fun - watching them tunnel through the snow and kick up the snow.

I didn't do one scrap of housework, which was also great. And I put off food shopping for tonight. It's liberating to ditch my weekend responsibilities once in a while. It's not like the housework is going anywhere....the only thing I DID do, was lots of laundry, but my dd's folded that. Yeah!

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Mon, 01-31-2005 - 1:58pm

Saturday was fun for us. We had some friends over and watched all of the Lord of the Rings Extended Editions (we're dorks we know LOL) and that lasted until 1:30am or so when we looked around and saw everyone sleeping! But we were on the last movie and everyone had just seen it so it wasn't that big of a deal. We even got a cake with "One Cake to Rule them All" it's cheesy I know but it was funny.

On sunday we went down to visit with Steve's parents and to pick up Aslynn. She got to spend the night at grandmas! Went to a art show at a park. Then went to my grandmothers for dinner and to visit with some of my family.

It was kinda crazy and kinda relaxing. It was nice on saturday to do nothing but watch movies all day! Haven't done that in forever!


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Mon, 01-31-2005 - 7:58pm

This weekend was a bit stressful.