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Fri, 11-02-2012 - 6:09am

anybody have any plans for this one?



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Sun, 11-04-2012 - 9:20am

I think I did get about a 20 minute nap yesterday (Friday) before dgs arrived.
He slept here last night and dgd was at their other grandparents home.
Then dgd arrived here at 7am this morning. I took her to her ballroom dance class and stayed to watch her dance. She does the kind of dancing that they do on DWTS. Then we went across town to Sephora to play with makeup and I bought a new lipstick that I love. Then we went to lunch at BellaLuna, a favorite restaurant. After that we went shopping at Coldwater Creek again, I'd just shopped there a couple of days ago, and I today I bought another pair of jeans (dark green), an open front sweater, black top, really pretty blouse that I love in shades of greens, raisin & white, a sweater knit tank, and a longish sweater vests with faux fur trim. Tonight we watched a movie. Dgs stayed here with my husband and he and Grandpa went out for lunch and then played Uno and watched a movie. Good day for all of us!! Exhausted now and must get to bed, will talk more tomorrow. 

Wow what an exhausting day but oh so fun for all too!
Neat on more clothes for you as well & the lipstick.
That dance class must be totally fun for her & you to watch as well.
Glad you had so much fun together with them like that ;)