What's on your menu for the holiday?

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What's on your menu for the holiday?
Wed, 12-22-2004 - 5:51am

Do you know yet what kind of foods you will be serving or having for the holiday?

Snowman Siggy

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Wed, 12-22-2004 - 1:19pm

Since there's only going to be 4 of us for dinner it will be relatively simple.

For appetizers we're having - spinach/artichoke dip, mini quiches, cream cheese with a swet relish on top with some cracker, and chex mix.

For dinner: ham, rolls, au gratin potatoes, green beans ceasar and a cranberry, pecan jello mold.

For dessert: chocolate cherry cheesecake, cranberry apple struesal pie and a cookie tray


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Wed, 12-22-2004 - 5:59pm

We go to my grandparents on Xmas Eve to open presents. We have like a snack session with small sandwiches of: pimento, egg salad, chicken salad, ham
We also have: a cheese ball with crackers, those small hot dog things (I can't remember what they're called), pigs in a blanket, chips with homemade ranch dip, & usually red velvet cake & lemon pound cake
We have a homemade punch & sodas then we open presents:)

On Christmas Day we go back for dinner where we have ham which my grandfather has marinated in homemade wine. Side items are: cream corn, green beans, yams (all these are home grown, my grandparents have a garden every year) rolls, deviled eggs, cole slaw, macaroni & cheese(also homemade), maybe turkey too if grandma feels like it:)

I love doing this every year. The food and family is why I love this season so much:) Geez I'm hungry just thinking about the feast we have in just a few days!!