Women, Men, Stress

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Women, Men, Stress
Thu, 02-16-2006 - 4:59pm

Hi, everyone – One of the iVillage editors is doing some research on stress and asked me to post this special request. We’d be very grateful for your replies.

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Thu, 02-16-2006 - 5:11pm

I'm not sure if those questions can really be answered b/c they are so subjective but I'll take a shot

  • Who's more stressed out – you or him?


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Thu, 02-16-2006 - 5:21pm
  • Who's more stressed out – you or him?

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    Fri, 02-17-2006 - 10:10am

    • Who's more stressed out – you or him? Me lately
    • What do you stress about? I stress about school work, taking care of the kids, (making sure they don't hate me for being gone too much)

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    Fri, 02-17-2006 - 12:13pm
    • Who's more stressed out – you or him? I think we’re equally stressed out, though about different things.
    • What do you stress about? I’m more stressed out about issues with my girls and money and upcoming events, the more social stuff. What does he stress about? He’s more stressed out about his job, money issues, meeting deadlines.
    • When you're stressed, how do you show it? I get edgy, perhaps moody, depressed and sometimes have trouble sleeping. How about him? Trouble or restless sleep – very restless sleep, angry and depressed.
    • Are women's lives more stressful than men's – or are women just more willing to admit that they are stressed? I think women in general are more apt to admit that they need help or are feeling overwhelmed. I think for men it can be misconstrued as a sign of weakness to ask for help or to admit they are feeling overwhelmed.
    • Who copes better with stress – you or him? In my house, I think I cope better with stress and I think that goes back to my prior response – I seek support and ask for help and vent about my feelings with friends. My H will vent to ME about his job stress, but that’s basically it. After he vents, he is still stressed about it, whereas for me, I feel better knowing that I’ve gotten it off my chest and can perhaps move on and find some respite.
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    Sat, 02-18-2006 - 1:27am
    Hi cmkathi, I think my
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    Sat, 02-18-2006 - 2:41pm

    Just lurking, but thought I'd delurk to answer these great questions!

    • Who's more stressed out – Ha! We play this game with each other ALL the time. "Oh I had such a hard day," I say. And he replies with, "Tell me about it, my knee is killing me.." and on and on goes the conversation of one-upping each other on who is more stressed. Of course, I think I'm more stressed :)
    • What do you stress about? What does he stress about? I stress about the kids. And as any mother knows, that isn't as simple as just "the kids". I stress about their health, their education, their eating, their chores. I'm responsible for all school related things, all doctor and dental appointments, arranging necessary child care arrangements. Dh gives the baths and wakes up with them on weekends :)
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    Wed, 02-22-2006 - 7:36pm

    • Who's more stressed out – you or him? I am definitely more stressed out than him.

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