Am I being petty?

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Am I being petty?
Fri, 03-02-2012 - 5:08pm

A friend of mine offered to throw me a baby shower. It is very kind that she is doing this. I wasn't planning on doing one since this is my second, but it will still be special to celebrate.

Unfortunately, our taste is very different. I'm feeling a bit uneasy because I am pretty particular (a la Monica from Friends.) I know that it isn't something I can or should try to control, but I wonder if I should say something about one or two things I feel strongly about. Mainly, I don't like baby blue as a color and there are certain foods I can't stand to be around.

I wish she would ask me if I have any preferences, but this hasn't happened at all. Should I say something myself or is that just being petty and ungrateful? I realize that any celebration for this baby is a bonus and so I am wondering if I should just keep my mouth shut and enjoy it without trying to intervene.

What do you think?

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Fri, 03-02-2012 - 6:25pm
i would say something, not in a rude way, but point it out, at least about the color. If you dont like blue then it would suck to get a bunch of blue stuff. As for the food I would probably let it go, its not a big deal.. and theres bound to be something you like lol I know at my last shower i didnt even have time to eat., i snacked on a few things, but I was literally opening gifts for 3 hours straight.
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Fri, 03-02-2012 - 6:34pm
I think..(in my ever so humble opinion ;)) that if you weren't going to be getting a shower in the first place. Then this is all an added bonus. And take it as just that. A big bonus.
I would love a shower but I had my first 20 years ago.... if I got one I would be so excited with just the attention. People do give me gifts each time .....;) which is so fun.
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Fri, 03-02-2012 - 6:36pm
I probably wouldn't say anything. I don't know how sensitive your friend is but it may end up offending her when she feels like she is trying to do something nice for you.


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Fri, 03-02-2012 - 9:42pm
As for the food, i'd maybe mention to her that a few certain foods make you throw up still. lol then she'd hopefully get the hint and not serve them?
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