ARGH! Apparently NST's aren't going to work with me..

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ARGH! Apparently NST's aren't going to work with me..
Thu, 03-01-2012 - 7:17pm
That or I have a VERY stubborn child in here!

Last Thursday was supposed to be my 1st NST and they could not find the baby, so they did a BPP scan and all came out good.

Scheduled another NST for Monday and it worked perfectly except the lady had to hold the HB monitor in place for 20 mins.

Had another NST scheduled for today - once again, couldn't find the baby and she tried for a good 10 minutes. My OB decided that it wasn't worth it to continue to do the NST's and turn it into a stress test when it's supposed to be a NON stress test. Scheduled another BPP for this afternoon.

Baby passed the BPP with a 8/8 but the amniotic level measured 25, normal is 5-25. So he's watching that. If the level gets too high, he will consider inducing me.

I have BPP's scheduled every Monday & Thursday through the end of the month. I see my OB on Thursday's and I get my Delalutin shot on Thursday's as well.

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I think sometimes the shape of the belly, which I suppose is partially caused by the positioning of the baby, prevents those monitors from working well. I had NSTs the last month of my pregnancy with DS2 and it was a similar situation half the time. I know in labor they couldn't get the monitor to pick up my contractions either with the way it was sitting. All those appts should make the time go by pretty darn quickly for you.


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Man and i thought I had alot of appointments! When they did my NST on tuesday the lady had to hold the monitor most of the time as well. PLus the baby kept moving away from the monitor, so that didnt help.
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I bet that was a bit stressful! I know I would be worrying just a little! But I agree - there are so many reasons why it could be tough - shape of belly - position of baby and placenta - fluid for sure. I had high fluid with my last baby and was induced a week early.