How are you documenting your pregnancy?

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How are you documenting your pregnancy?
Wed, 11-09-2011 - 7:53am

Some people blog, take pictures, journal - online or on paper, write in the baby book before they are born, write letters to the baby and I'm sure there are plenty of other ideas. Have you done something the same for every pregnancy? Are you trying something new? Will you have your birth photographed or videotaped?


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Wed, 11-09-2011 - 11:38am
I am keeping a journal. I get down my thoughts, feelings, and appointment info. It will be in addition to the baby book we will probably get not long before birth.
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Wed, 11-09-2011 - 12:06pm

We only keep the appointments and

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Wed, 11-09-2011 - 12:38pm
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Wed, 11-09-2011 - 8:02pm

I have been posting regulary to facebook with cravings, feelings, struggles, happy moments, and things I am knitting for him. It's a great way of keeping my family in touch with how things are going. My mom reads my Facebook page every day so even




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Wed, 11-09-2011 - 8:19pm

On my Facebook profile, I have been making "notes" about going ons, appts, etc. Sometimes I don't do it the DAY of the appt but combine a couple appts into one posting. And I've been posting here and there on FB about pregnancy issues.

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Wed, 11-09-2011 - 8:52pm

Once I start getting a baby bump I take pictures weekly. With DD I put them all side by side and printed them out to put in her baby book. I also wrote a few letters to her and have already written a couple to this baby. I post my weekly picture and random other updates on Facebook because I have lots of friends and family that I don't see very often. They loved keeping track of my pregnancy with DD so I figured I'd do the same thing with this LO. Eventually we'll get a baby book but probably not until I'm farther along. I don't think we'll have the birth videotaped or photographed. I might have DH take a few pictures and will definitely have him take pictures as soon as the baby's born! I'm hoping DD will be in the waiting room with her grandparents and will be able to come meet her brother/sister pretty much right away and that will for sure be videotaped!! :)