REALLY Feeling Pregnant

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REALLY Feeling Pregnant
Thu, 10-20-2011 - 2:58pm

Oh my gosh. For about the past week I have been REALLY feeling pregnant. My belly is so far out there now as well that there is no hiding the fact that I am pregnant. And I am feeling it. I feel FAT. My chest is giving Dolly Parton a run for her money. I am always peeing, always hungry, and I am already feeling that uncomfortable feeling of having a sizeable tummy.

I have to say that I love the fact that I am finally looking pregnant though the part about not being comfortable enough to fall asleep right away, then waking up twice to pee, and then having trouble fallling back to sleep again...makes me count down the days.

Anyone else at that point of feeling VERY pregnant?




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Thu, 10-20-2011 - 3:48pm
I feel pregnant... but not to that level.I'm always hungry at night, I go pee at least 3 time a night, and I cant sleep on my tummy anymore. But thats about it.
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Thu, 10-20-2011 - 6:29pm
Yes my belly is impossible to hide now, my back is starting to get sore and my sciatica is acting up. Now that my morning sickness has improved I am starving all the time! I get really dizzy if I don't eat constantly too. Definitely feeling pregnant here too!


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Fri, 10-21-2011 - 8:01am
oh wow - nope, I don't feel THAT pregnant yet, but pregnant enough. Is it sad that I want to feel MORE pregnant?! I am so ready for a big round belly - not all the issues that come with it, but just the belly. :)

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Fri, 10-21-2011 - 9:07am

Im not there yet but im at the very end of the month so a few weeks behind you. Im not really showing (I just grew out of my pants and look fatter) and my 1st tri symptoms have faded enough that I dont have any major symptoms going on but just feel a general yucky. I pretty much just feel like Ive gotten fat and sick. : /

-Bess--- mom to Eve and Ariel
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Fri, 10-21-2011 - 2:05pm
I'm in the same place as you, Bess, and I'm about a week ahead of you. I have a serious case of the blahs, feeling really fat, not really having a cute round belly. I'm not getting sick anymore and I feel more awake now, but I'm feeling like I'm at a crossroads, too. I hope that changes over the next month. :)
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Sat, 10-22-2011 - 10:04pm
I can agree with on some of it! I'll be really uncomfortable trying to sleep as soon as this belly gets bigger and heavier. Right now it's pee, pee, pee all night. I hate that it's so hard to sleep. I feel for you :(


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Sun, 10-23-2011 - 12:08pm

Not really feeling pregnant either.

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Mon, 10-24-2011 - 8:18am

Now that the m/s has finally gone away, I feel like I'm starving all the time!! I am currently eating four square meals a day, breakfast, lunch, dinner, then again around 10-12 pm...I am really disappointed, though, that the energy boost is MIA.