BTDT Ladies: How did you know you were in labor?

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BTDT Ladies: How did you know you were in labor?
Fri, 03-16-2012 - 9:29am

Nature has designed birth simply and elegantly. Although every labor and birth is unique, and your labor will unfold in a very special way, the process is remarkably and beautifully constant. What follows are the typical changes that occur throughout the stages and phases of labor.

Your Labor Guide-

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Fri, 03-16-2012 - 10:06am
With my first, I had been having irregular but stronger than the usual braxton hicks contractions all day. We decided to DTD and see if that helped and 6 hours later she was born! I guess that is all that was needed to get those contractions regular.

With my second, I had a lot of contractions through the night but they were far apart. I just had that feeling like we better go get checked. We went in and were hooked up and sent home an hour later - no progression. We were home about 15 minutes when my water broke. Back to the hospital we went!

My 3rd and 4th were inductions.

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Fri, 03-16-2012 - 2:09pm
My first I never went into labor, my water was leaking and I didn't know it, my 2nd I was 42 weeks and had been spotting all day and started having contractions, mild ones that were timeable and then they got closer together and worse, with my 3rd my water literally exploded like it does in movies but I never had one contraction on my own.

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Fri, 03-16-2012 - 4:26pm
#1 waterbroke
#2 waterbroke
Both I was asleep no contractions#1 5hrs later baby. And #2I 4 hrs. Later baby.
#3 woke up to a hard contraction 3hr. Later baby
The rest induced said I was too quick and lived too far away.
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Fri, 03-16-2012 - 5:20pm
I never really know for sure I am in labour until they check me and say I have progressed. I tend to have several bouts of false labour before the real event so it can be confusing.


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Fri, 03-16-2012 - 5:43pm
I was induced. I don't think I was actually in really progressive labor until they broke my water. I was a first time mom and thought that BH intensity increasing meant that I was in early labor, but I went six weeks before having DS.
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Sat, 03-17-2012 - 3:34pm

I'd been having stronger braxton hicks contractions all day and just didn't feel good. I didn't think anything of it until I stood up after riding in the truck and I heard a "pop" and felt a warm gush of fluid. That's when I knew it was time to have the baby. My DD was born 8 hrs after my water broke.

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Tue, 03-20-2012 - 6:31pm
With my first I was induced, but with my second I started having irregular contractions that lasted all evening, and in the middle of the night I started to feel really nauseous, too. We have an almost hour long drive to the hospital, and by the time I got there, I definitely knew it was real labor! My water had apparently broken earlier in the evening and I didn't even know it. I'm hoping for a fast labor and delivery with this baby.
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Tue, 04-03-2012 - 2:41pm
With my 1st-- I didnt even know that back labor existed-- so when my back was hurting so bad...SOOOOO BAD that i blacked out, meaning i didnt faint but the pain took away my eyesight,...i know something was DEF up. I never felt any pain in my stomach area..
With #2-- I had severe menstrual like cramps w/ in minutes of DTD the day before my due date. they didnt let up and came stronger and stronger in waves, until i couldnt talk through them so we jetted to the hospital :) 4 hrs total labor w/ #2~!
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Wed, 04-04-2012 - 6:15pm

With all 4, I knew when my water broke. With Tobi, I HAD been having contractions about a week before but didn't really know it as I hadn't experienced real labor before until water breakage.

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