The Thought of a C Section freaks me out...

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The Thought of a C Section freaks me out...
Mon, 02-20-2012 - 10:31pm

Looking for some stories from others who have had a C Section. I am really nervous at the thought of possibly having one. I'd like to know what to expect in case I am going to need one. How long recovery is, any complications, how long surgery lasts, etc. that might be helpful to a first timer.





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Tue, 02-21-2012 - 9:34am
Hi Karen,

iVillage has a really great Cesarean Birthing Support board you may want to check out. The board is filled with ladies who have had c-sections and I know they'd love to hear from you. The board is a great place to find information, support, and cesarean birth stories.

Wishing you the very best of luck!

Cesarean Birthing Support-

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Tue, 02-21-2012 - 9:47am
I don't have any experience to share and have heard mix stories from those that I know who have. There are just so many variables and it's so hard to say what to expect I think. In your case, I think it is so much better that you have time for it to sink in, to find out all that you can, and for your doctor to plan and not have to rush you to the ER after a long labor or something. I would think that would really help your recovery time since your body isn't exhausted before hand. But it is surgery, major surgery, and you will be sore. Enlist some help for your household things that first week or two so you can just relax and be with your baby and to let your body heal. Plan ahead for freezer meals or something. Take your pain meds even if you're feeling better and don't over do anything! :) Try not to worry. And maybe, you won't have to have one. Definitely go check out the board to see what others have to offer!

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Tue, 02-21-2012 - 11:24am
I have had a vaginal And c-section birth.. my c-section was easier for me to heal up from.. And alot less pain.. i had a 4th degree tear with my vaginal.. so Im not typical.. even though my vaginal birth was basicly a nightmare for me, i had extreme fear of the c-section.. i was up And walking about 4 hours after my c-section. So.was the women next door to me.. i only had pain when i first stood, or 1st sat.. rest of the time i.felt fine.. i had no trouble taking care of my new born on my own and, i had no discomfort while breast feeding.. take the pain mess And ibuprophen like the say, And u will do fine.. i.quit taking all pain mess 4 days later.. i felt pretty Good.. just sit on u butt as much as u can And u will heal faster.. also.. have dh apply cleanser like proxide or what ever u want to use to sterelize the area morning And night.. this is what i did.. i wanted to avoid infection.. And as photoloco said, have like 2 weeks worth of meals in your freezer.. makes like easier.. Im sure u will be just fine.
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Tue, 02-21-2012 - 12:39pm

Thank you for the link, I have visited and checked out some of the stories. Still a little freaked out but it was nice to be able to read some real life stories.




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Tue, 02-21-2012 - 12:40pm
Totally agree with having some meals frozen. You wont feel like cooking.
I had a horrid first experience. Only because I went through labor...dilated to a 10...and no baby. Had a emergency c. Then got a bad uterine infection. And we readmitted for a week. But baby wasn't a patient. My ODD was 14 at the time and they let me have her stay. But I didn't want her walking around hospital by herself looking for the cafeteria. But I was too sick with fever to she ate mine.ugh
Next c was better but im overweight and I think its hard on us fluffy gals. Just my thought. I can't sleep laying down. Guts pull on internal stiches and its painful to me. I sleep in a recliner. For weeks!
Im not thing to scare you...but truthfully they haven't been great experiences for me.
Im going to try and walk more this time. I have heated it helps. Last time id put baby in bassinet and do a couple walks around labor and deliver. Nurses would say......take it easy....but this time im going to do it more often during my stay. Idk if it helps but hey ill try.
Remember to take your pain meds. And if they haven't bought them to you nurse and get them asap! If your withering in pain your not healing!
I asked nurses for a hot pad and that feels good. (I should buy one for home too...;))
Get the most out of the nurses during your stay! Seriously. I will buzz mine to hand me baby it I just got into bed. And your by yourself. I personally can't get into bed and get baby out of bassinet.
Oh im going to ask for something to calm my nerves before they bring me into the OR. Last time I felt PANIC. So I don't wanna go through that. I was freaked and nervous..
..ugh hope I can take something before I have to go back.
I wish you the best. I hope you have a great experience!
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Tue, 02-21-2012 - 12:47pm

I hope that if I do have to have one that my experience will be as good as yours. I am worried because I know each hospital staff is different and some are more competent than others. I have heard of women whose pain meds wore off during the stitch up, women who had lots of nausea, etc. and it freaks me out. I am not so confident in the dr's at my hospital I am delivering at and I will have no idea who will be delivering my baby. Will all of my other births the dr was always the one that I had seen for my prenatal appts. So not knowing who my dr will be or how competent they are makes me a little nervous.

I am glad that your experience went well and I am not too concerned about meals as my mom will be staying with me and will be cooking dinner for me-I am definitely lucky there as she is an excellent cook.

What makes me the most nervous out of everything is dealing with the fact that I won't be able to feel my legs the entire surgery. I have this thing about being numbed up and not being able to move my limbs. My last epidural I couldn't feel much in my legs and it freaked me out. Also the long time being stitched up.

But your story put me at ease a little, so thank you for sharing with me!




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Tue, 02-21-2012 - 12:54pm

I am afraid of panicking as well. I have had panic attacks before and the fact that I will be so numbed up has my stomach in knots already. I wonder if they can give you something for that, if it happens? I am mostly panicked about the fact that I won't have any feeling in my legs and won't be able to move them. I really have no fear of having the incision or even the spinal block/epidural. As a kid I had something that the dr's said was a lot like asthma and I was in the hospital a lot and would sometimes have six shots in one sitting. I just don't like not feeling in control of my own body.

I am sorry that your experience was so horrid. I hope that this time around things will be a lot better for you! I don't mind hearing the negative stories as well-I don't want to go in with high expectations and experience something completely different.

Thank you for sharing your story!




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Tue, 02-21-2012 - 1:10pm
I had a c-section with DS and it wasn't as bad as the bad experiences I hear from people. Sure, I couldn't feel my legs or feet, but better that than feel the surgery. It was tough getting the spinal because I was contracting every minute and a half and you have to stay completely still and curl onto your tummy to bow your back out and the contractions made that difficult for the first few tries. I was in recovery afterward for about an hour because they wouldn't let you go in to your room until you could actually move your feet. They offered me vicodin, I refused it after the first day. I took motrin while I was there sporadically and for maybe two days after going home. I was up and walking two days post op and after a week, I was walking all over the place at home and itching to drive (couldn't for at least two weeks). My recovery was pretty easy and I am overweight, too. I learned to use a large pad to create counter pressure on my incision while getting up and sitting down (and laughing). I didn't feel like my guts were going to pop out, but I was also very careful because I recognized that I had major abdominal surgery and I wasn't superwoman, so I took it very slow and let my body tell me what I could and couldn't do. Moving as much as you can helps for a quicker recovery, so I took short walks as much as I could.

I don't know, I guess my experience wasn't all that bad. The bad part was one nurse at the hospital, which had nothing to do with the surgery and recovery itself. She was just in the wrong profession. :) I'm having a repeat c-section this time because we're anticipating having another large child and I'm getting my tubes tied at the same time, so because of my successful and not-so-traumatizing experience, I'm okay with having another one.
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Thu, 03-01-2012 - 7:10pm
My c/s wasn't too bad. The hard things were not being able to get out if bed for about 30 hours (tried earlier, but passed out) and feeling so week in the abdomen for weeks that I didn't even feel comfortable carrying my baby for at least 2 weeks.

The surgery was very quick and I was only apart from dd for about 15 minutes. I wanted to bf as early as possible and they rolled me on my side in the recovery room and I was bfing about 20 minutes after the birth.

I had a very light meal before I went in to the hospital and my doc wouldn't let me eat anything until my first bm. Because I hadn't eaten anything I felt extremely faint. This time I will eat a high protein meal to give me strength because I wasn't given food for about 3 days.

After I got home I was going on regular walks within a week (slow walks) and after about 2-3 weeks I felt pretty good.
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