You'd think I'd know this

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You'd think I'd know this
Tue, 03-13-2012 - 7:54pm

Being the 4th baby & all but what does it feel like to have contractions and/or labor BEFORE water breaks? My other 3, I felt nothing until water broke then bring on the pain!

I'm wondering if I am having contractions. The baby has been head down for about a month now. She's like head on pelvis bone. I feel it all the time. Anyway. Yesterday and today I have been having on again off again pressure with pain in my pelvis region with tightening in my upper belly region. Some back pain but nothing out of the ordinary. I know with BH, movement will make it go away and I can usually still function when having BH but this is also like stop me in my tracks pain, lasting 45-60 seconds. They aren't closely spaced nor regular. I had 2 in 1 hr yesterday then went couple hrs and had another. It did it that way pretty much all day/night/today.

If I feel the need to, I will call and/or go to L&D. I see my OB on Thursday after my BPP and I will definitely talk to him about it too. I am 34wks. Have had premature babies before - 33wkr, 35wkr & a 36wkr. I'm hoping that if I do have her early, she will be healthy enough to come home with me. We already know she's big, just not sure how big. We are hoping to make it to the end of March but we shall see.

My other 3 kids bag is packed. My bag is packed. Tobi's diaper bag is packed. Getting the carseat tonight. Even got my hubby's bag packed. Camera batteries are charged & in bag. Towel in each car (have had my water break 2/3 pregnancies while in car). And the list of last minute things to grab on our way out (iPad & Charger). I've washed all my 0-3 month clothes, blankets, etc.

I'm getting nervous here....!

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Tue, 03-13-2012 - 8:12pm
It sounds like normal practice contractions to me. I have had them a lot in the past few weeks. If you get several painful ones in a row though you might want to go and get checked!


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Tue, 03-13-2012 - 8:15pm
I can understand your nerves. It sounds like intermittent contractions (given your history) but it's very hard for me to say. I'm not a good person to give advice on contractions as I often do not feel them. I hope someone can better answer to your experience. I've been having the pelvic pain and gentle back pain these last two days, but nothing stop me in my tracks painful. I don't usually get that at all until pushing is ready to happen. I think you're smart getting everything together. It seems like you could be a candidate for another early baby. Hopefully your doc can give you assurance on that being a likelihood or not. Do you think you should go to L&D to have them check your cervix out? I'm 34 weeks right now as well and I think if I were experiencing what you're talking about I wouldn't hesitate to go in and get looked at IMO. Keep us updated!


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Wed, 03-14-2012 - 12:14pm
Sounds like strong braxton hicks to me. real contractions usually radiate lower instead of higher. I get a few here and there that stop me and make me catch my breath. My baby is very low too and making everything make me stop and think and pay attention. OWIE!

It's good that you're ready to go, just in case. I always believe that sooner or later, you'll just KNOW that it's the real deal. Even if that means you have to visit L&D a few times to double check. Hopefully she stays in a little bit longer at least. Big is good, but big doesn't always mean more developed. Stay in little one!!

Hang in there!

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Wed, 03-14-2012 - 11:28pm
yes, I was in full blown labor with #2 and was almost 8cm when I got to the hospital and my water never broke but then on the other hand with #3 my water exploded and I never had one contraction on my own.

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