back again ( reintro)

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back again ( reintro)
Tue, 11-15-2011 - 12:15pm

I need to get more active with this board!!! I am on FB all day long and I forget to come here!!! Anyway!

I am Cher

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Tue, 11-15-2011 - 12:24pm

Welcome & congrats!

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Tue, 11-15-2011 - 4:10pm


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Tue, 11-15-2011 - 8:47pm
Welcome Cher! Glad your little one is doing well. I love ultrasound days!! I hope you have no more bleeding scares too!

You said you're not due until May - will you deliver early for some reason or did you maybe mean to join the May expecting board? You're certainly welcome here but I just thought I'd check just in case. :)

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Wed, 11-16-2011 - 10:05am
Hi Cher!

Welcome back to the board and congratulations on your pregnancy! I'm so glad to hear that your pregnancy is going well. I hope that you find friendship and support here during the remainder of your pregnancy journey!

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