December Roll Call!

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December Roll Call!
Sun, 12-04-2011 - 8:39am

Due Date:

Gender if known or date to find out:

Names chosen or considering:

How are you feeling:


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Tue, 12-06-2011 - 9:08pm
Delaney is adorable! I have yet to pick a girls name with any of my four pregnancies that anyone cared for. However I don't care. After 3 boys and now my 4th and final being a complete surprise and a girl finally!! I'll name her what I want ;)
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Wed, 12-07-2011 - 4:11pm

Due Date: April 19th or 21st (depending on who you ask) but our goal is Apr 1st due to history (37wks)

Gender if known or date to find out: GIRL!

Names chosen or considering: Tobi Erin

How are you feeling: Ulgh. I got a cold from my kids AGAIN! Other than that, and it's wiping me out, great!

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Fri, 12-09-2011 - 11:03am

Moved to April 27


Gemma March

Fine, just crampy all the time.

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Fri, 12-09-2011 - 8:31pm
Due Date: April 26

Gender if known or date to find out: Girl :)

Names chosen or considering: Fiona Lily

How are you feeling: I feel great. No aches and pains. Been pretty comfortable and still able to wear my normal clothes pretty comfortably. For some work slacks I use the bella band. I guess I'm in the 2nd trimester honeymoon phase!">Lilypie First Birthday tickers

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Sat, 12-10-2011 - 1:18am

Due date: April 6

Gender: Boy

Names: We won't really decide until he's born (or, at least, we won't tell anyone we know IRL), but for now we're mulling around Joshua or Benjamin. We'll see.

How feeling? As many others have said, BIG. I swear I was not this big with DD, not even close. I've gained 15+ lbs and am sticking out quite far. I feel baby moving pretty high up, too. At my last appointment the doctor mentioned that the uterus was measuring big, and I don't think it's slowed down! I'm so grateful that the morning sickness has finally left - I can get up with DD in the morning and act like a normal person. Other than being huge, I'm doing okay. But, for the record: I really hate being pregnant. :)

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Sat, 12-10-2011 - 11:59am
Due Date: April 12

Gender if known or date to find out: Girl

Names chosen or considering: No name yet

How are you feeling: I am still really sick, continuing on meds and it doesn't seem to be getting any better :0(
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Sun, 12-11-2011 - 5:08am

Due date: April 17

Gender, we havent

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Sun, 12-11-2011 - 5:17am

I be honest, I cant see Ireland as name, since for me it is just a 2 ½ hour flight to Ireland from where I am and for me it is a country.

I do have a soft spot for

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Sun, 12-11-2011 - 2:35pm


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Wed, 12-14-2011 - 1:01pm

That does put the name Aurora Kay a little higher on my scale :) Thank you! I am torn between the two for sure. I'll have to wait until she is here I suppose and decide when i see her :) Thank you for that!