Introducing myself

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Introducing myself
Sat, 09-03-2011 - 3:32pm

Hi everyone, my name is Ashley and DH is Tom. We've married for almost 3 years now (Oct. 18) and have a beautiful almost 2 year old daughter named Isla (26-10-09). We're expecting baby #2 around April 25 :) We are very excited to be expecting again. We've been

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Sun, 09-04-2011 - 8:55am
Welcome to the board and Congratulations on your pregnancy Ashley!! I Hope you enjoy your time here on the board and Happy and Healthy 9 months to you!

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Mon, 09-05-2011 - 10:25am
Welcome aboard and congratulations!
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Mon, 09-05-2011 - 12:04pm
Congrats on finally getting pregnant! H&H 9 months.
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Mon, 09-05-2011 - 3:32pm


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Tue, 09-06-2011 - 8:40am

Hi Ashley,


Congratulations on your pregnancy and welcome to the April 2012 Expecting Club!

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Tue, 09-06-2011 - 8:59pm
Congrats and welcome! Do you happen to live/be [from] overseas? It's usually a giveaway when you start a date with the day instead of the month like most Yanks do. :)
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