Is April a weird month to have a baby?

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Is April a weird month to have a baby?
Sun, 08-05-2012 - 9:50pm

Ummm...maybe I'm just in a crabby mood but I have a slight complaint that It's so quiet these days here.  Any idea where everyone is?  Oh well...maybe no one gives birth in April???  What do you ladies think?  Is April not the coolest month to have a baby?

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Mon, 08-06-2012 - 9:51am

I agree that it probably has to do with the lateness of the board being up right now.  I think it will start filling up soon with those who are just finding out but the beginning of April EDD's may have found other boards :smileysad:  I'm used to there being a lot more activity too, I was on the March 08 board and there were a ton of people.  :-)

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Sun, 08-05-2012 - 10:11pm
I was born in April, so I think it's pretty darn cool :smileywink:

Most women who are due in April are just finding out that they're pregnant. As we get later into August, more women will join us. Some wait until after their first appointment to join a group, some even later. Don't worry it'll fill up in here.