Baby, It's COLD Outside! What Are You Wearing?

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Baby, It's COLD Outside! What Are You Wearing?
Thu, 01-24-2013 - 8:28am

The recent freezing cold weather has many mamas-to-be wondering whether they should invest in a maternity coat. Here's what we think: If you've only got a few weeks to go when you hit the can't-button-your-coat mark, j ust bundle up underneath and wear your regular coat, or borrow your hubby's parka. (No one expects you to look fashion-forward when you're almost 40 weeks pregnant!) But if you need both hands to count the weeks until your due date, you'll probably want to make the investment.

Do You Really Need a Maternity Winter Coat? Moms Weigh In-

What are you wearing for a coat these days? Have you invested in a maternity coat or are you being a bit creative? :)

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I bought a lands end long heavy coat in a bigger size at the thrift store this fall that still closes rather than a maternity coat, that and I paid less than $10 for it.


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I'm in the West Coast. We've had some cold days and evenings, but I do what I do every year: Layer. I can't button my coat, but I just wear layers underneath. I did have to buy a few pair of maternity tights, because my favorite dresses were just too cold without an extra layer. Of course, among the activities I nromally do which require more warmth are snowshoeing and visiting the mountains. I don't have the lung capacity to snowshoe right now, and we haven't taken any trips to the mountains. We have taken trips ot the Valley, where the dampness makes it feel colder. So I layered while there.


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I live in Florida...It is currently about 75 degrees. Sitting outside in shortsleeves and just about sweating. I won't be investing in a winter coat. When it does get cold, I just borrow the hubbies!!

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Wearing my non-maternity wool coat I bought several sizes too big (was a size 4 then and the coat is a 12) when carrying my first child 11 years ago! Works really well still and hasn't gone outta style and still looks new. Got it on clearance from Burlington for 40 bucks back then and must say I got my money's worth. I'm able to button it (albeit barely...hah!)