Morning Sickness Help. Anyone have any Ideas they can share?

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Morning Sickness Help. Anyone have any Ideas they can share?
Sat, 09-08-2012 - 11:08am

Any BTDT that mothers that have some help ideas for m/s?



Increased Smell?


Frequent Bathroom breaks?

Sore breasts?

Hunger and Food Cravings?


I know that for me I had to take my prenatals, extra folic, iron, etc., at night when I went to bed because I couldnt handle them during the day. 

I also made sure I grazed all day long.  Small snacks/meals all day that made sure my tummy always had something in it.  eating actually helped my nausea.  If I didn't eat, I would vomit.

Gingerale and Dry Bagels helped me... but be careful with the sugars for your 2nd trimester Glucose test.  Both of those have a ton of sugar.

Just remember that it doesn't last forever.  Hugs

If anyone else has ideas/suggestions, please share them with the Board.  Thanks :smileyhappy:


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For the increased smell, I would slice open a lemon and hold it next to my nose. I once had to do that for a 30 minute car ride as my son had put on too much cologne! I'm still in the throws of nausea but I'm on the tail end at 14 weeks. I just hate it! It is awful! I also have to eat all the time but I'm constantly hungry it seems. And jthe foods I can eat change. I can do fine with cereal one day and then it upsets me another day. :smileysad: it gets to the point where you just learn to cope with the nausea and dry heaving or throwing up or gagging is just another part of your life. I really hope tha tmine eases up in a few weeks like it did with my last. I use zofran when it gets really bad.

Abbie due march 6th with my 4th and last!