I've been here since week 6, but not posting much...

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I've been here since week 6, but not posting much...
Sat, 11-24-2012 - 11:12pm

I can't recall if I introduced myself, although I thought I did, I should probably to it again. 

I'm Jen...I'm on facebook (iubjen@gmail.com) I am looking to talk to other women who are expcting in April 13 :) 

This will be our last baby...I have five children, ages 21 thru 16 months, four boys and one girl...

I am due April 20th, scheduled c section for April 13th. 

I am looking forward to posting more and getting to know many of you. <3


Jenifer: Momma to:

Jaron age 21 yrs~ Jayt age 19yrs~ Joely age 14yrs ~Cash age 3 yrs ~ Hank age 9 months and two angel babies <

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Hiya and welcome aboard.  Nice to have another "mom of many" here.  Are you finding out the gender?  Things are a bit slow here right now but hopefully with many of us getting our A/S scans we'll see some activity.  See you around :)

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Hi Jenifer! I don't recall seeing a post from you before, but it's entirely possible that I missed it. At any rate, welcome and glad to see you post. My due date is April 19. How is your pregnancy going?


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I'm Alice, pregnant with # 3-- a GIRL! have 2 boys ages 10 and 12

Due date officially 5/2 per ultrasound, 4/30 on lmp, looking at a c-section 4/22 if not before--my boys were born at 34 and 36 weeks so doubt I will go full term.


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Hi Barb here this is my 3rd child and no do not want to know what I am having but when the baby comes I will be surprise and right now I have 2 boys who cannot wait.