Anyone Planning a Home Birth?

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Anyone Planning a Home Birth?
Wed, 12-12-2012 - 11:31am

Is anyone here hoping to have a home birth?  If so, what helped you make this decision?  Have you had a home birth before in the past?

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Sun, 12-16-2012 - 2:26am

I'm planning a homebirth.  

My first birth was a typical doc breaks waters, pitocin, epidural birth with a 2.5 hr pushing stage which I was so drugged up I can't remember most of the end part of the labor.  My first words to my son was a loopy "hi baby."  

My 2nd baby was born in the hospital toilet with just my DH and the nurse (who refused to touch the baby or help due to liability issues).  It's a long story but I had diarrhea during labor and assumed that I had to go again.  After only 45 mins of laboring, my water broke with one push and her head came out with another and then she shot into the toilet after that.  My husband had to pull her out the toilet which was an odd shape and took a while as I couldn't stand immediately and was still on the toilet and we held her until she took her first breath.  The doc came in about 20 mins later all scrubbed up and dressed for the birth that she didn't do but still got paid for.  I was still happy as I'd experienced my first natural birth with no meds.  

My third, I labored in a Kuwait hospital and was a witch to the nurses who insisted in trying to get me to get every drug under the sun.  By the time I was done insisting I could do this naturally, very few nurses wanted to enter the room and we got a VERY peaceful birth (just DH and I) and was by far the easiest natural birth I ever had.  Total labor time was only a couple of hours. 

My fourth was again in a hospital in Kuwait and although a 12 hr labor (he was holding his cord and it was wrapped twice around his neck) it was extremely easy as I was given the peace I needed to focus on my labor.  When I reached 10cm, I couldn't believe it as I hardly felt major pain like I had with my first.  It was another natural, drug-free birth but in the end I couldn't get any peace and quiet afterwards due to constant checks by the nurses every hour even in the middle of the night.   They even wanted to watch me poop and clean me afterwards!  I was sooo tired that I went home the very next day after birth.

So now, I'm in Jordan and the cesarean rate is sky high in the hospitals here.  I've got this awesome midwife that's been delivering babies for Americans, Brits, and Canadians here for over 30 years at home and costs a fraction of what a hospital costs.  I'm loving her and the idea of being in my zone when I go into labor especially with my history of fast labors.  So it seemed like a win-win situation for us.  In the event that I have to go to a hospital during labor, I've also had monthly prenatal checks since the beginning with an excellent OB.  I'm a little freaked about preparing for the mess but it's coming together slowing but surely.

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Thu, 12-13-2012 - 7:04pm

This will be my 4th planned homebirth. My first baby was born in the hospital and it was such an awful experience that I researched other methods. The birth center was almost an hour away so we opted for a homebirth with my 2nd baby and it was so completely different. I can't even compare the two experiences because they're just so different. My 3rd and 4th were both homebirths and my 5th will be one also. 

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