I refuse to buy new pants just yet!

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I refuse to buy new pants just yet!
Fri, 08-10-2012 - 10:02pm

Anyone else bloated like crazy and can't fit their regular pants?  I'm really NOT buying pants this soon and would be the laughing stock of the board to put on maternity just yet.  This is baby number five for us and I know you tend to show more with each pregnancy but dang!...I guess I'll just be wearing dresses for now.  Anyone else?  

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Sat, 08-11-2012 - 8:33am

I'm SO bloated too! It's only my second pregnancy (first ended in miscarriage), but for a couple of days my tummy was full of air and it even hurt. Now it seems to have gone to a phase, where days are ok, but the bloating starts towards evening. It's not as uncomfortable as being like a balloon for the whole day. 

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Sat, 08-11-2012 - 1:26pm
I've only told a few people but one of the ladies I have told asked if I had a history of twins in my family because I already looked pregnant...Yes I do have a history of twins, but I think it is just the bloating!!