Morning sickness is kicking my butt!

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Morning sickness is kicking my butt!
Sat, 08-25-2012 - 10:34am

This is my 3rd pregnancy, MS has never been this bad!

Last night I threw up nothing basically because any food that hits my tongue makes me gag like crazy. I tried to start my morning right. I woke up, ate a few plain crackers. A half hour or so later had a little cereal and milk, then an hour later had a plain biscuit. 

I had started taking Zofran (2 weeks ago), I felt like it didn't help at all, Dr. then sent me Phenergan which worked wonders for my last two pregnancies but I don't feel like its helping at all either!!! I feel so desperate for relief, but its non-stop nausea all day long. I was barely able to work last week. Ginger/ginger-ale isn't helping, I need help, suggestions whats working? 

I want to cry 24/7 I have never felt this bad.