TMI question

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TMI question
Sun, 08-26-2012 - 3:37pm
We have not been DTD until we are in a more 'safe zone' (history of mc), but this am I woke up w one o 'those dreams' and had an O. Unfortunately, it sparked a half hour of uterine cramping and now, hours later, I still feel sore way down low, like period cramps. I have only been having the stomach tugging and stretching up to this point so period cramps (more sore now than cramping, low and center) are freaking me out. This exact thing happened w my last mc, but I'm reminding myself (trying to!) that that pg had low and slow betas the whole time before (whereas this one has had great betas, even as soon as yesterday--just the 'measuring small' u/s, but we're hoping tht was due to an old machine.)

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Sun, 08-26-2012 - 10:00pm

O's cause the uterus to contract... and during pregnancy it feels stronger and can last longer...  what you experienced is totally normal.  hugs.  I had those awesome dreams too :smileywink:  and yeah.. I panicked too...especially because I was told by my Drs "no sex", "no O's!" :smileysurprised: 

I couldn't help it!

try not to panic... hang in there :smileyhappy: