37 weeks, almost there!!

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37 weeks, almost there!!
Wed, 04-03-2013 - 10:56am

I has my 37 week appt yesterday.  I'm dialated to 2!!  I was only dialated to 1 last week so it is progress.  I've been having a lot of pain near my pubic bone and just assumed it was from baby, well little did I know I have a bladder infection!!  I've never had one before.  I thought it hurt to pee when you had and infection, but I guess not.  I also had my first trip to L&D last night.  My little girl had not moved much all day and my kick counts were way low so I called my midwife and she sent us in to have the baby monitored.  Thankfully, little Megan is just fine and they sent us home.  I was contracting pretty regularly while I was there but they are not string and only lasting 30 seconds.  They felt like BH but it was fun to see them on the monitor and show my husband that I'm not making it up, LOL.  This morning I'm extremely nauseas and still contracting, so maybe I'll be having a baby soon!!  

We are going to discuss induction with my midwiffe next week do to our family situation.  My sister was suppose to come into town when I hit 38 weeks and stay until about a week after the baby was born.  Well her husband wrecked his car on Monday and now she likely can't come.  We have no family here to keep out DS!!  We are hoping that if we have an induction date then my DH's parents can come for a few days and keep DS for us.  Otherwise DH might miss the delivery and I will be at the hospital all alone for most of the time!!  Has anyone been induced before?  Can anyone point me in the right direction for some info on risks?  I have to do what is best for BOTH my kids, I'm just not sure at this point what that is!!


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Thu, 04-04-2013 - 8:33am

I was induced with my 1st but didn't progress enough to deliver naturally so ended up with a c-section.  I don't know that there are risks to it if they are sure the baby is developed enough to come--but when you are induced they hang pitocin on the IV to give you contractions and they don't start gradually and get more intensed they just come  at the same rate and hard--mine were 2 minutes apart the entire time.  There are times when they use pitocin during normal labor to move things along.


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Sat, 04-06-2013 - 11:29pm

I can't really say, but I have heard that induction can make labor contractions more painful. The contractions that came after they tried induction with me were the only onces I really felt.


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