Appt #1 - 5 weeks 5 Days

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Appt #1 - 5 weeks 5 Days
Sun, 08-26-2012 - 3:01pm

We just got our BFP home test last week Thursday and immediately went to the doctor to confirm. They actually suggested we have a sonogram instead of a blood test  due to cost and the time it takes for results (we live in India and a lot of the facilities don't have inhouse labs). Through the sonogram the pregnancy was confirmed but all we could see was the sac and an irregular flutter where the heart is. We get to go back this week for sonogram #2  to see a stronger heartbeat (at just 7 weeks) so I'm happy for that, because if I was in the US I don't think I'd have such visibility. Additionally it's suprising to me because India doesn't allow gender revealing ultrasounds due to issues of parents aborting female foetuses. Granted it takes a trained eye to determine much of anything in ultrasound pics, but I'm hoping for lots of sonograms throughout just to help give peace of mind.

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Sun, 08-26-2012 - 3:19pm

Wonderful news!  Good luck at your next apt :smileyhappy:


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Mon, 08-27-2012 - 11:29am

Congrats on your BFP!  And good luck at your second sonogram!