Back in hospital... for hyperemesis

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Back in hospital... for hyperemesis
Sat, 09-01-2012 - 4:23am

It took 5 litters of fluid to get me to even tinkle for them. I was producing lots of ketones. I was given zofran by IV. I hate taking the stuff it hypes me up and makes me get weird cramping like twinges. I won't take it at home unattended. They gave me a perscription for it but I am medicine phobic. I am too afraid of medicine due to severe side effects I suffered on a simple antibiotic as a kid that nearly killed me...

I feel like heck again. I don't know how I am going to manage this. The zofran didn't touch the nausea last night but made it mildly manageable. So I think even with it I will be pretty bad off. I have lost more weight. I cannot keep doing this... I have so much to do in life I cannot take being sick another minute. I also have a back up for phenegran (sp?) I am so scared of taking these home alone without help if I fall ill. My children are 5 and 2. Their dad SO works all dang day from 1030am until 9pm tomorrow...