Big Ultrasound results and lots more

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Big Ultrasound results and lots more
Sun, 11-18-2012 - 2:39pm


AFP Results:

For the first time I haven't screened positive with the AFP. I did with my daughter for a 1:100 something chance of Down Syndrome. She turned out perfect but I believe the test was off with her due to she was twins at first and I had major surgery at 10 weeks pregnant on an emergency for a combusting body organ. I screened a-ok with this one.

Big Ultrasound Results:

It is another girl!

So 2 girls for my tally. When we moved to WA after the miscarriage/D&C in April 2012 I got rid of a lot of stuff from old baby gear and car seats of hers since they were all almost 3 years old. I was also pretty depressed and didn't want to look at baby items. I didn't know I was probably already like a few days pregnant when I got rid of the stuff on Craigslist, lol. I kept only a few things :(  So because of that I have to start over again. I wouldn't want to use a 3+ year old carseat anyway and clothing that was already bought used or NWT from eBay lots I guess. So since I got some good money news I bought a new carseat and a few clothing items to start out!

Law Suit against BCP Results:

My attorney contacted me back regarding my Lo-Ovoral suit. They have agreed to settle outside of court to the tune of around 50k. I was crying he called on what would have been the evening before my due date 11/14. So justice is somewhat served to that horrible company and their re-called pills it will never make up for my initial loss.


Morning Sickness:

I am still nauseated off and on but have not had to take anymore of the zofran. I can get through it. I can eat throughout the day.


Resuming Filming:

I have resumed filming for Lily's Sizzling with 3 new episodes (about once a week). I am able to cook again. I also did a small project with some kids for a Media Arts course and was picked as their actress (unpaid but fun) for a quick 5 minute video where I act crazy/possessed. (


Shih Tzus:

We picked up a boy Shih Tzu for our studding and he was named Trooper. He is 9 weeks old cute as heck. I will update my Shih Tzu site in a bit here too. (I breed AKC Champion line Shih Tzus as my part time stay at home job).



I tried attaching 2 ultrasound pictures but the site always acts up. I cannot even log in with Firefox on Windows 8 only IE works... SO I see it is still glitchy =(

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Sun, 11-18-2012 - 3:37pm

Sounds like things are looking up for you--great! Congrats on the baby girl!!!


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Sun, 11-18-2012 - 4:21pm

Katizma, that's just wonderful news.  Yep, she's all girl.  Now you can really do some shopping with 50K under your belt.  But what a small price for such a big loss.  I hope you gain closure to this and that they learn from their carelessness.

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Sun, 11-18-2012 - 7:07pm

congrats on another baby girl!