First appt done!

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First appt done!
Fri, 08-24-2012 - 3:44pm

Today, I had my first appointment, right at the six week mark. It was more of an orientation wiht a med tech, to let me know what to expect, a few dos and don'ts, and a spiral bound guide full of info and places to write everything in. DH and I asked about an earlier ultrasound, and they said the euqipment won't really allow them to see what they want to see until 9 weeks at the earliest, thought they'd rather wait until 10 weeks. There is another place I can go nearby, but it would be out of pocket. The tech said my bloodwork and everything looks just fine, so she wan't really concerned about anything in the least. She also said that with a great family hx for both myself and my husband and being very healthy, she wasn't the least bit concerned about my pregnancy at the age of 40. She also said it is very possible that at my next appointment, they may do a "bedside" ultrasound just to see what we can see thus far. My next appt is September 10.