first u/s -measuring behind :-/

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first u/s -measuring behind :-/
Sat, 08-25-2012 - 12:38am

Hi all, I know that I should be 6wk - 6wk4d based on when we DTD, but today at the u/s, the sac measured at a mere 5w4d. She *thinks* that she sees a yolk sac but couldn't be confident.

I wasn't necessarly expecting a h/b (but hoping!) but I didn't expect to be so far behind. My OB wasn't too negative about it, she just said that it's good it's in the uterus and to come back on Tuesday for an u/s with the high tech machine (and u/s technician). It was a pretty old machine (but I'm used to the fancy feritilty doc's machines haha). I also have a tilted uterus which I've read online may mean that it's hard to read on early u/s (then I read that that's true only for transabdominal--basically reports are varied whether it's true for transvaginal on early u/s or not).

We are trying to not be totally deflated. As I've mentioned, I feel like I am queen of the bad eggs  with my history (this is my 7th pg and I have only 1 child) so we knew we had a long road ahead of us, but the doubling betas and the distended tummy/bb's (haha), was giving me some hope that maybe this was our little miracle. I am trying to stay hopeful, but if my betas are still doing roughly what they were before, I should be well over 20,000 (if not 27,000), which seems odd to match up with 5 wks4d? 

I think I'm going to get another beta tomorrow. I know they may not be doubling at this point, but I am just looking for something that is not glaringly wrong. Anything better than that may give me some hope to make it until Tuesday. I guess the good news is that the betas were doubling (which is better than my last 3 pg) and while it was too small, she didn't mention that it was oddly shaped (also better than my last 3) so I've definitely seen maybe there is hope still...I'm hoping the better machine and a few extra days brings me better news. Thanks for listening!


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Sun, 08-26-2012 - 2:08pm
I had an ultrasound AT My first appointment where she estimated I was 5 weeks but the machine was old and she couldn't be sure So I was sentence to an imagine center with a better machine the next day and saw a Hb and baby measured 6w 1d. Don't let it stress you too much. I'm sure things will change when u get that second look
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Sun, 08-26-2012 - 3:24pm

I know that my dates are always off ... just remember that it takes that fertilised egg a week to 10 days to implant, so that could explain why your dates are off from the DTD date or conception date.


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Mon, 08-27-2012 - 11:07am

Hugs.  I hope your repeat u/s brings you good news and peace of mind.