Latest adventure: Kidney infection and SCH of some degree...

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Latest adventure: Kidney infection and SCH of some degree...
Tue, 09-04-2012 - 3:01am

So I got test results back and was told to go back to the hospital. In the hospital they load me on more zofran in the IV and antibiotics. A culture grew and the results were I have a kidney infection. I only told them the fever wasn't from puking and I had pain in my back and lower body last time I was there with pain urinating! So back to that more needles, more IVs, and I wasn't happy. Then they did an ultrasound series of my kidneys and the baby in depth in the hospital. I was OK with this for the most part. I didn't get a picture of the baby though but I know from this ultrasound his/heart HR is 171. While receiving my final bag of fluid the nurse comes in and starts rushing around with equipment acting panicked. I ask "what is wrong" she replies "doctor will tell you". I said, "no what is wrong why are you rushing in with all this equipment. What is going on what are you setting me up for?" So she doesn't respond (very rude lady) and the doctor jumps in the room and very loudly announces he must look at my cervix to see if I have blood because I have a SCH which he called a peri something or other. I asked what the hell is that, and then he told me it was a bleed. I said a SCH? He said "yes". Well I had SCH with my other 2 children and they're fine! So he does a papsmear for 5 seconds until I scream because I am in pain. I have a hard time with those things so he instead just uses the insert a finger technique to see if the cervix is closed, yes it is. Then he tells me to have bed rest and call the OBGYN for follow up Tuesday... I asked what my progesterone levels were no one even checked. I asked for the size or a photo of the SCH... Nothing. It was complete crap being told to go back there. I am so mad. The nurse blew out 2 veins in my arms by the way... She couldn't do an IV and had to get someone else to do it. Kept trying a 18G I told her do 22G because anything bigger blows them. My arm is black and blue on the right hand side in 3 spots. One from the original blow on 8/30 and then her bad work. So until I see or hear how big this SCH is I am simply not going to worry over this crap of what he said is a threatened miscarriage. Because my other 2 kids are 5 and 2, are they threatened miscarriages too? I have had a SCH each time.

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What a horrible experience. I can't believe the nurses/dr. treated you that way. I hope you are recovering well and that you don't ever have to go back there again!!

Good luck


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Sending hugs and prayers that the rest of your pregnancy will be far less eventful.