Gaining Excessive Amounts of Weight During Pregnancy...

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Gaining Excessive Amounts of Weight During Pregnancy...
Wed, 10-02-2013 - 8:24am

... may contribute to your child becoming overweight?

Expectant moms often justify an extra slice of cheesecake or late night pizza by saying they’re eating for two. But they might want to temper those indulgences. A new study published Tuesday in PLoS Medicine, says pregnant women who gain excessive amounts of weight contribute to their children becoming overweight.

“With the progression of the obesity [epidemic] there has been attention that over-nutrition could also have negative consequences,” says Dr. David Ludwig, director of the New Balance Foundation Obesity Prevention Center at Boston Children’s Hospital.

“It is quite extraordinary when you think about it; the effects during pregnancy can potentially have a lifetime implication.”

What an interesting study.  Are you at all concerned about the amount of weight you'll be gaining during your pregnancy?  

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I wasn't concerned, but now that I've hit the thirty-pound mark (at 23 weeks) I'm depressed and anxious about my weight.  I was fifteen pounds overweight to begin with; now I have an extra fifteen on top of that, plus fifteen pounds of baby weight, and there's still at least three more months to go.  I eat fairly well, and I try to get a bit of exercise a few times a week (I don't have the energy for every day, even though it would be great) but I'm packing on the pounds like nothing else.  Not cool, man, not cool.