Having major Bracton Hicks

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Having major Bracton Hicks
Tue, 12-17-2013 - 1:34am

Tonight I actually had to get out of bed because my bh were so bad.  They were coming every minute or so and lasting about thirty seconds, and 

while painless, were very uncomfortable. They stopped once I got up, which is nice.  Any one else experiencing Braxton Hicks contractions?

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Wed, 12-18-2013 - 4:19pm
Oh, no fun at all! How are you feeling today, Rhae? I hope the contractions have cleared up a bit. You could have a long few months left if they are starting already!

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Wed, 12-18-2013 - 7:22pm

I'm feeling much better, Kristy, thank you.  :)  Haven't had any contractions at all for the last two days.  I'm making sure I'm staying very well hydrated.  The last few months do always feel long.  I have an irritable uterus, which means lots of strong bh from fairly early on.  Annoying.

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Thu, 01-02-2014 - 4:57pm

I had my first braxton hicks contraction over the Christmas break, it was weird! My lower abdomen went hard as a rock and I asked my dad "what's that?" he's like "oh that's you, just a little contraction, don't worry completely normal they will happen up until you deliver, it's just your bodys way to prepare you for real contractions." WOW! Just as long as they aren't accompanied with bleeding  and aren't close together, completely normal.

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Sat, 01-04-2014 - 9:32pm

Hahahaha I love that your dad was so chill about it!  That's so funny.  :)

I ended up going in for monitoring last night because these ridiculous things just wouldn't stop.  However, all is well, thank Heaven.  Just popping calcium-magnesium now and laying low...well, as low as I can with all these boys around me.  :)

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Wed, 03-19-2014 - 4:31pm

They are the worst. I had them with my son when I was about 5-6 months pregnant. The odd thing was I had just come from a pregnancy class run by my hospital of choice that went over everything about preemies, literally from their brain's development to the size of their breathing tubes and diapers. They were so bad and I was thin enough to actually see my stomach contracting. The only thing that had me convinced that they were real (they weren't) was that they were painful. Almost like my son was trying to push himself through my pores.

Turns out they had been brought on by dehydration (I was homeless and the gas station near me didn't accept SNAP food stamps) and sex, or rather, my husband's semen. I hadn't been told that there's a protein in it that can stimulate contractions until I showed up at the hospital. They told me that the protein is actually concentrated and is one of many used in Pitocin! Needless to say, I was let go later that night, having been given two bags of fluids and having peed about 4 times in two hours. I kept water and juice nearby after that.

With this pregnancy, none. I have everything else but BH has decided not to pay me a visit yet.