Baby Girl #3 is here!!!

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Baby Girl #3 is here!!!
Mon, 08-27-2012 - 2:03pm

Sorry for the late notice...but the laptop I had at the hospital wasn't working well for IV or uploading pics. 

Anyhow, Harley Rose arrived at 12:25p.m. on Thursday August 23rd!!  She was 6 lbs, 9 oz & 20 inches long.  Although as you know she was a scheduled c-section, there is a little of a birth story.  I went in at my scheduled time.  For some reason my blood typing came back showing positive for antibodies - which they have no clue why, but they had to do 2 hours of testing on that so I got pushed back a bit.  Overall, once I finally got in there and the procedure got started, they had to go slow b/c I had scar tissue from my previous c-section...but finally my tiny baby girl came out and was perfect!!

However, the original plan was for me to get my tubes tied while they were in there.  My DH & I had talked about it b/c he works for a urologist & didn't have a problem getting a vasectomy.  But we told my doc to just go ahead with the tubal anyhow.  So, when my doc got in there - I did have general scar tissue in the area of the incision.  But when the baby was out and they got in there - there was also extensive scar tissue all over my tubes, ovaries and uterus.  My doc said that she was glad we had decided harley was going to be our last b/c she didn't think my uterus could handle another pregnancy.  Now, maybe it is dumb b/c we do feel sure are family is complete, however, to be told you "can't" have any more kids is sad.    She decided to skip the tubal since my DH was willing to get his procedure done b/c she didn't want to work through the scar tissue in order to do it if she didn't have to.    I was in the OR for more than 3 hours.  The spinal began to wear off which was freaky.  I could slowly start to feel the sensation coming back.  They told me they would give me something & I'd feel "loopy" but it actually knocked me out  & I didn't even know what happened in the last 30 minutes.  Next thing I knew I was coming to as they were wheeling me back to the recovery room. In the end all was fine.  Baby is healthy & I am good too!!


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Mon, 08-27-2012 - 10:28pm

Yay! Oh she's so sweet!! Congratulations!!

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Tue, 08-28-2012 - 9:41am
Congratulations on the birth of your sweet baby girl! She is just precious! Welcome to the world, Harley.

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