1st for my husband and 3rd for me!

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1st for my husband and 3rd for me!
Wed, 12-28-2011 - 5:14pm

My husband and I just got married in Septemeber. I have 2 children from a previous marriage. My son is almost 7 and my daughter is 5. My husband has been in their lives for well, MOST of their lives! (Their father is too! He and all of us have a wonderful relationship!) Its Soooooo exciting this go around, because the kids are old enough to be super excited to be big bro/sis and the excitement with my husband it just amazing! Its a first for all them (since my son was only 19months when his sister joined). Its kinda like i get to "relive" those first pregnacy emotions. However, being a seasoned veteran in the dept, my husbands paranoia AND not allowing me things is NO fun! LOL I miss coffee.. with caffeine.. ;)

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Thu, 12-29-2011 - 9:16am
Congratulations on expecting your third child and welcome to the August 2012 Expecting Club! I hope that you find friendship and support here during your pregnancy journey. Wishing you a very happy and healthy nine months!

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Thu, 12-29-2011 - 3:29am

hey there!

i'm in the same boat!

hubby and i married for two years now and expecting. my youngest is 7 and it looks like i have forgotten how the tiredness can stump me! i'm due in august 2012.

hubby a great dad to my two kids but he was postively beaming when i showed him the positive pregnancy test!

very excited!

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Wed, 12-28-2011 - 10:13pm