Anyone else nesting already?

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Anyone else nesting already?
Wed, 06-06-2012 - 3:39pm

HI there,

So, since my Mom is going away for the next 2 months and wanted to help me with as much stuff as possible, we started preparing the nursery. Thank goodness, because I was starting to feel guilty that with my first one I had everything ready by now...

So... My Mom painted the room (blue) and bought the bedding set (nautical) and I will be putting the crib together tonight (in case someone's thinking why the husband isn't doing it - I LOVE putting furniture together, I see it as jigsaw puzzles for adults and get upset when someone else beats me to it).

I will be buying the dresser next week and then it's time to set out all the adorable baby clothes, wash the carseat!

And then I will pack the hospital bag and wait to pop :smileylol:

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Sun, 06-10-2012 - 9:09am

Your post motivated me to start washing baby clothes. Libby and I hit the outlet mall yesterday to buy something for her BFF's birthday, and we stopped at Gap and Carters and picked up just a few more outfits. I keep saying we need to stop, but I'm serious now. Took me an hour to get the tags off everything and sort into like colors -- I had 7 loads of laundry -- set on the small setting in the washer, but that's still a lot of baby clothes given how tiny her things are. There's simply no way she will wear everything unless we change her outfit every other time we change her diaper. :smileyhappy:

The only things we still need are more crib sheets and some little hats, and not sure about the hats. We keep the house very cool in the summer, so I wonder about that. But we're good on everything else.

I'll wash her bedding just before she's due to arrive. All that will be left is to pack both of our bags (already started on hers) and install the car seat. With still 7 weeks until our induction, I feel like we're in good shape.

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Sun, 06-10-2012 - 10:33pm

Good for you!

I feel accomplished because last weekend, we painted three of the baby's four bedroom walls. I'm hoping to paint the fourth wall (the accent color) this coming weekend. Once that's done, we can start moving furniture in. We're actually not going to put up the crib until after my mother is gone (about a month after baby is born). So I just need to bring up the bassinet, wash that up... bring in the new glider we purchased... take the changing table from DS's room (currently being used as his dresser)... and get that all organized around the queen size bed we're leaving in the nursery for my mother's visit.

Once, I have all those various things set up in the room, then I will start pulling out the boxes of newborn clothing and other miscellaneous items and get those all cleaned up. I'm not going to go hard core at it until after July 3rd, when we arrive back home from a week away in Texas for my youngest sisters wedding.

I atleast feel good that we have a plan! We'll have a good month after that trip to get everything finalized and set up.