boy vs. girl

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boy vs. girl
Wed, 01-18-2012 - 2:34pm

I know there are many myths out there about things that point to the baby being a boy or a girl.

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Sat, 01-21-2012 - 10:57pm

I may not be the best one to give advice on this one, as I've only had one boy and many girls! But, I can say the one thing that I seems prominent to me is that with my girls... I'm SICK until 14 weeks, and live off of fruits, salad, and yogurt. It's usually pretty bad. I remember that my son was not too bad... I could eat lots of things and not feel sick.

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Thu, 01-19-2012 - 11:54pm
My M/S is so much worse with my girls than my son.

I got horrible migraines consistently with the girls...only occasionally with my son.

Terrible heartburn with my son...not too bad with the girls.

My face breaks out terrible with my son

My weight seems to just run to my butt with the girls.

That is all I can think of at the moment. Right now all my symptoms are pointing to a boy.

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Wed, 01-18-2012 - 2:56pm

That's such a good question.

With Libby, I had very little morning sickness, and lots of heartburn come 2nd trimester. There's so old wives tale I heard that it meant she'd have a lot of hair (who comes up with this stuff?) and that turned out to be true. She was 3 months old before I could do anything with said head of hair. Her early baby pics are hilarious.

With Will, I honestly cannot recall any morning sickness, or heartburn, or anything out of the ordinary. Just pregnant.

With Jake, well, he cannot be counted on for how it is with gender because there was nothing normal about that pregnancy. I had exploratory abdominal surgery with him at 8w. I was on crinone (progesterone) from the day I knew I was pregnant (was charting and trying, so knew within a couple day window of conception), so I had tons of morning sickeness. I had round ligament pain early, sciatic pain early, placenta previa for a bit that scared me to death.. it was just a hard, hard pregnancy, and the main reason we intended on being finished birthing babies. I was a wreck for the entire pregnancy.

With #4, progesterone early again so a lot of morning sickness early on but has mostly gone away. A bit of heartburn here and there and that's not a food thing, at least not my usual. I'm not a heartburn kind of gal. So that's interesting.

I'm trying to think back on how I carried the babies, and honestly, I was so huge, all belly and boobs, by the end. I don't think I carried particularly high or low with any of them.

So. I don't know what any of it means, if it means anything at all. :)

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Wed, 01-18-2012 - 2:51pm

I have two girls and the pregnancies were very similar. This time the m/s has been horrible. I had little to no m/s with my girls. I'll have to see how things are a little further down the road.

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Wed, 01-18-2012 - 2:42pm
My pregnancies with both girls were completely different. It sucks because it won't give me any clues to this one being boy or girl!