Heartburn fixes?

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Heartburn fixes?
Wed, 02-22-2012 - 8:21am

Hi Everyone!

So now that the morning sickness is going away -- the heartburn has really kicked in. It's not so bad until evening and then it's very uncomfortable. I've taken tums a few times and I try to eat a good diet. But, I don' know if it's okay to take tums like every day? Any other ideas to try?

Also - i'm 13 weeks now and wondering when it's really going to start to show? I see all your pictures and you have such cute bumps and I still hardly look like anything is happening in there!! When did you start to show with your first??

Thanks! Kara

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Wed, 02-22-2012 - 8:29am
I'm sorry about the heartburn, and sorrier that I don't know how to help ya, didn't have any until the 3rd tri with my first. As to when I started showing, I had to start loosening my pants around 5 months, but nobody else could see it really. I wanna say it was 6-7 months for me when I started being obviously preggers.
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Wed, 02-22-2012 - 9:32am

My nurse told me that I could take tums as needed. Also, something that worked for me (pre-pregnancy, mind you) was Mylanta liquid. I had my gall-bladder removed back in 2000, but when I have one too many (or HAD, LOL), I'd get that same kind of awful, kind of heartburny pain in my chest. A chug of that and I was almost INSTANTLY better. Talk to your OB or nurse and see what they advise, but I'm a hugemongous fan of Mylanta. Gross as all get out, but super effective for me. Hope you feel better soon!

As for showing... I think with Libby I might have been showing right about now, 16 weeks or so. But, it's different with everyone. You'll get that bump before you know it. :)

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Thu, 02-23-2012 - 5:14pm

I think Tums are on the okay list.