How was your postpartum check?

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How was your postpartum check?
Tue, 09-11-2012 - 10:49pm

I had my 6 week postpartum check today. I'm down to 158 lbs from a pregnancy high of 181 at my last pregnancy appointment. Doctor says everything looks healed up. I was due for my pap, so we did that as well. I was given clearance to stop givng myself Lovenox injections. Thank god... nothing like getting "stung by a bee" each night. Still no where near ready for DTD... I'm just still feeling raw and dry. I think that's due to nursing. Doctor says while nursing, a woman almost becomes like a post-menopausal woman with very dry thin skin along the vagina. If this will be anything like after my first, it will take me quite a while to feel back to normal down there. As far as birth control goes, we've decided we are going to stick with condoms and natural family planning. It worked for us for four years between #1 and #2 with no oops. So I feel comfortable with that. I'm pretty diligent. If we get to 5 years and still have not decided to have another baby, that's when we'll do (aka hubby will do) something more permanent.

I told the doctor I had planned this would be my last baby, but then cried about it the whole ride home from the hospital that I didn't want this to be my last. I told him I thought there was only a 5% chance of there being a third baby. He said he thinks the chance is higher... and smiled. Ha.

How was your postpartum check? How are you feeling?