I'm guilty.

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I'm guilty.
Wed, 01-25-2012 - 6:34pm

I put on a pair of maternity jeans to go teach Religious Ed at church tonight... I can't squeeze into my jeans tonight. I mean I can, but it's so uncomfortable! First time wearing maternity clothes! Ack!

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Wed, 01-25-2012 - 8:03pm
It is inevitable!!! LOL! I bet you looked great. :-)
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Thu, 01-26-2012 - 6:01am

I promise I'd be right there with you if my jeans weren't so low rise. Or if I had to dress for work. Really and truly.

Comfort is key. No judgment here, mama! :)

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Thu, 01-26-2012 - 7:43am
I broke down and bought 3 maternity tops. I wore the one already. Other than that I've been wearing sweats...my poor husband forgets what his wife once looked like already LOL
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Thu, 01-26-2012 - 4:23pm
I'm lurking.... here from the July EC.... I just wanted to tell you that I am due with number 4 and I have been wearing maternity clothes since week 8!!! So you are not alone. :-) Thank God maternity clothes are way cuter and better fitting than they were 10-20 years ago, right? ;-) And as the other posters said, I bet you looked great! - Mandie

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Thu, 01-26-2012 - 8:23pm

I too have been in mat clothes full-time since week 8.

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Fri, 01-27-2012 - 7:39am

It's casual friday today at work and I'm going to wear maternity jeans too.

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