Must remember to take my iron!

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Must remember to take my iron!
Wed, 10-24-2012 - 2:14am

I had been taking 3 iron supplements per day since my second trip to the hospital 2 days after Alby was born, and recently I've been feeling a lot better (stronger, less tired, wanting to get outside) and kept forgetting to take my mid-day dose. I took forgetting as a good sign that I was doing better, and when I asked my midwife about it, she said my Iron level had risen to a good number (127) and that I could drop down to 1 pill a day if I want, for another month, then I can stop. Well of course today I forgot to take my 1 pill and hadn't had one for about 30 hours, and got the tell-tale anemic "wave" I call it - exhaustion, head rush, weakness and chills! Ick! That sure reminded me!!!

I think I have to start putting post-its everywhere to remind me to take it!

I also think I might need to stay with at least 2 pills per day... I've been feeling pretty tired since Thurs when I dropped down to 1 pill, I thought it was just all the waking in the night getting to me, but now I think it's the iron. Will take 2 tomorrow and see if I feel better!

I must also remember that I'm not supermom, and just because I'm feeling better doesn't mean I don't need some help (medically or otherwise!!). Everyone DID tell me it would take a few months to fix the anemia, and I'm only at 7 weeks :P Darn PPH! Oh well, things definitely could have been worse!!

Hopefully the extra iron will make me less grumpy too! Ha ha I'm going to blame the grumpiness this week on that too :P (Poor hubby! hee hee)

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Thu, 10-25-2012 - 6:15pm

Yes, you better remember, girl! Especially if it makes such a huge difference in how you are feeling. I am always so bad about remember my prenatal vitamin and Josh's vitamin D. 

I wonder if anyone has any interesting ways to remember to take daily vitamins or medicines?

I put my prenatal by my bed, so I see it as I'm jumping into bed.