Need to rant - Stop calling us family!!!

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Need to rant - Stop calling us family!!!
Fri, 08-31-2012 - 6:30pm

I know our families are so excited to meet our baby, and it's our first so they are super anxious and a little concerned, but seriously! Our parents has been calling us every day all week, just to see if anything has happened, AFTER we keep telling them WE will call YOU if anything changes! We've had so many late nights in a row now, lots of false labour (especially last night!!), and we need to nap when we can but the phone just keeps ringing!!!! I just want to yell at them LEAVE US ALONE because nothing has happened! They don't give us the chance to call them when it's best for us so that we can give them a nice update, and make us feel like we're not keeping them in the loop! GRRRR!!! I'm going to be SO mad if they keep calling during actual labour!!!

Just needed to rant!!! :smileytongue: Whew!