OT -- Not quite baby related (not my August baby, anyway)

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OT -- Not quite baby related (not my August baby, anyway)
Thu, 09-06-2012 - 3:06pm

It's about my first baby -- she's 20 now (good Lord, LOL).

But, keep a happy thought for us if you would. Libby has been having headaches on a daily basis for over a year now -- told me about it I think maybe September of last year, so we've done the PCP thing to determine what's up, and now we're seeing a neurologist. She had her first visit with him about 3 months ago, and he put her on a beta blocker and made her keep a headache journal, which she did, faithfully. Follow-up this week, and put her on another beta blocker (first didn't do anything) and also a barbituate for the headaches (which seem to bother her, so not sure we'll be doing it anymore) and our insurance approved the MRI (declined the first request with that first visit) and the MRI is this afternoon. Hoping to not find anything like a brain tumor in there. She almost hopes it's a tumor because then it would be explainable (she's 20 and kind of goofy  -- don't judge, LOL) -- but as much as I understand that thinking, I really hope there's nothing that drastic wrong with my first baby. She's not only my first, but honestly, when I'm not throwing down the Mom Card, she's my best friend. I have to bring it on occasion, but really, we are SUPER crazy close. She's been here for me when I've done the single-mom-in-school thing, where she had to grow up way too fast and handle the boys while I was in class or studying, and she's here while I work part-time, being a substitute mommy to Zo. I cannot imagine what I would do without her. And she's hilarious. Always making me giggle and is just an overall good kid with a really good heart. Got so lucky with her, for sure.

So, please, keep a happy thought that today goes off without a hitch and they don't find anything amiss in that precious head of hers. We are to call her neurologist on Tuesday to see what's what.

Thanks much!

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How did Libby MRI go brie? I've been thinking positive for her (and you)!
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Fri, 09-14-2012 - 12:57pm

Hi! I'm totally lurking from the February board, but I had to butt in since I'm a massage therapist :smileywink:.  Sometimes severe headaches can be a musculoskeletal issue. I've had clients that suffered with them for years and it turns out they had an old injury like whiplash, or a pinched nerve somewhere, or even just chronic stress that caused it.  If the MDs can't figure out what's wrong, it might be worth her while to go see a physical therapist or chiropractor to see if a hands-on therapy would work.  Many times insurance will even cover it as long as it's prescribed by a doctor or chiro. I even had insurance clents in my massage practice. Best of luck!