Preparing older sibling - ideas?

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Preparing older sibling - ideas?
Thu, 06-07-2012 - 11:25am

Soooo.... I bought a few 'Big sister' books and point out to my 3 year old daughter when the baby brother kicks. We recently went to Babies'r'us and she picked out a bear for him, to bring to the hospital.We're also going to do a sibling hospital tour in a few weeks.

How else can I help her prepare? She has a baby doll and an idea of what babies do (not much :smileytongue: I prepared her, so that she's not disappointment the baby sleeps and eats and poops all day). 

Any suggestions? Should I buy her something from the baby Brother when she first comes to meet him?

I can tell she has a lot of thoughts about this whole situation going through her mind, she's not saying or asking much, but randomly stuff like 'I will tell my baby brother 'don't eat soap!" lets me know she's thinking about how it will be. I used to (and still do) bottle up feelings and internalize anxieties and worries, I hope to spare her that...

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Sun, 06-10-2012 - 11:15pm

We haven't been doing anything too outstanding.

Nathan really seems to be excited about the baby coming and understands that there is a baby in Mommy's belly. (Nate is 3.75.) He'll sometimes say hi to my belly and he's sometimes been patient enough to leave his hand on my belly to feel a kick. He gets an excited look on his face and says that he felt the baby, just after feeling a kick.

We've been checking out books at the library about expecting a baby brother or sister and what it's like to be a big brother or sister. There are quite a few of those books available at the library!

We are signed up to take him to a Siblings Tour of the hospital. That's in early July. I think he'll think that's pretty cool to see the newborn babies in the nursery, etc.

He "helped" us paint the baby's room. He loved that!

Other than that, we haven't planned anything exceptional to prepare him. We just talk about it alot... and we'll be talking about it alot more as we pull out all the baby gear and get set for baby.