Primping After Childbirth

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Primping After Childbirth
Fri, 07-27-2012 - 10:24am

Oh boy. Just when you think society has hit rock-bottom with vanity and narcissism, you read something that proves you deliriously wrong. According to an article on the Boston Globe website, the latest new-parent trend is (and please, prepare yourselves for this one) immediate post-partum primping. You know, for the photos that are obviously going to be posted on Facebook and Twitter five minutes later.

Brand-New Moms Are Primping in the Delivery Room . Will You?-


I can understand wanting the pictures to look decent!  You will look at those for years to come!  How about you? Do you plan to do a little delivery room primping after your bundle of joy arrives?


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Sat, 07-28-2012 - 12:22pm
I haven't done anything, but a few hours after birth, I'm able to get showered and presentable (which for me is just gloss and eyeliner, my staples). But those first pictures - I love them for their rawness.
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Mon, 07-30-2012 - 9:15am

Haha - well I didn't appear in pictures after I had my daughter for about 3 weeks, I looked so gross. This time I am definitely bringing some tinted moisturizer to mask at least some of the post-delivery redness, and a mascara and lipgloss. That's it. Bring it on, paparazzi! At least this kid will know I was also present at the hospital. :smileywink:


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