Protecting Baby from the Flu

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Protecting Baby from the Flu
Thu, 01-10-2013 - 4:20pm

The flu season is nasty this year!

Have you been hearing about lots of friends and family suffering through the flu? Have you or your children had it?

I don't know about you - but I'm worried about my August Acrobat! Our babies are just a little too young to have received the flu vaccine. They need to be 6 months old. 

Is there anything you've done this year, maybe differently from years past, to protect the newest member of your family?

We all received the flu vaccine (which we usually don't get), me, the hubby and my 4 year old, to try to help prevent it from making it's way into our house. We're washing our hands religiously every time we get back in the house from being out. I'm praying that maybe since I'm breastfeeding some of the antibodies from the vaccination may have passed to Josh through breastmilk.

Are you concerned about your baby and the flu?