Round ligaments be gone!

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Round ligaments be gone!
Sat, 02-25-2012 - 6:12pm
Every time I have sneezed today, I think I've blown a gasket. Or a sprocket. Or maybe I just sprained my lady parts. Seriously - feels like my uterus will come shooting out, flapping in the breeze, having lots it's lower connections to my pelvis. Round ligament pain, much? Sheesh kabob.

Who else?

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Mon, 02-27-2012 - 1:09am
Yes! Mine have been awful...sneezing, coughing, even standing up. Holy cow.
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Sun, 02-26-2012 - 9:15am
I've had a few aches here and there, but nothing too bad. And not when I sneeze, oddly enough (I think I have TX allergies so I sneeze a freakin' lot these days). Just a few times when I move from laying to sitting and don't do it just right. Needless to say, I try to do it just right now.

A couple weeks ago I had a really awful pulling sensation, but it wasn't low. It was when I was laying down and then moved sideways to grab my drink. Happened twice and I didn't move again for a good hour. Scared the crap out of me. But, was the only time.

Looking at my pregnancy journal with Jake I had round ligament pain from about 20 weeks until I delivered. I'm hoping we don't have a repeat. I was very miserable with him.

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