Ugh, now Sean and I are both sick

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Ugh, now Sean and I are both sick
Thu, 08-23-2012 - 9:05am

So I'm going to re-schedule Sean's WIC appointment today, because he is running a slight fever and I'm going to call his doc to see if/when I should bring him in. It was 100.3 at 5am, which is just below the 100.4 I was told to bring him in at (with an underarm temp, not rectal). As soon as his doc's office opens for the morning I'm going to call them, and then call WIC, unless WIC is open already.

And I've got the same crud that has been going around, DH and my mom both got it as well. At least I don't have a fever yet, just sinus pain/pressure and a nasty cough.