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Hey Everyone!

It's been awhile since I have been on here and just wanted to take a moment to update on my little guy. Owen was 9lbs 14 oz at his 2 month check up...we don't have another appointment until after Christmas so I can't wait to see how big he will be then! He's been on Zantac for reflux since the beginning of October which seems to be helping him sleep a little longer.  Just this last week he has been napping much better, but still isn't able to sleep at any time longer than 3 hours. Someday! Orginally I was scheduled to go back to work tomorrow (Nov. 13) but I am a teacher and decided to just wait until after Christmas Break to go back, so I will be returning on Jan. 7th. Hopefully by then Owen will be sleeping a little better and on more of a schedule. He's a smiley guy and I can't wait for his first laugh! No rolling yet either. How are your little ones doing?!

Here's a picture of my little man -

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Oh my gosh! He is so adorable and bright eyed. Thank you so much for the update! It's fabulous that you can stay home longer. Lucky you! 

Joshie is doing really well. He's got a pretty yucky cold right now... a lot of congestion, sneezing and coughing. I feel so bad for the little guy. But despite it all he's really smiley through it all! It's really just the worst at night... He was 14 lbs 14 oz at his two month appointment. Our next doctor's visit is Dec 4th, and I'm anxious to see how much bigger he is then. He's a little chunk! 

Here's a picture of the little guy from this morning:


Please keep coming back and visiting with us!

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So glad you get to take off a bit longer -- that's excellent news! I tell you, working is for the birds when you have a wee one, and I don't know how I'd survive if I actually had to leave the house to go to work.

And Owen is adorable!! What a cute little man!

I feel you on the sleeping thing. Zo is 3m and almost 2w and we're not any closer sleeping through the night than you are. Last night she actually had 3 large bottles during the wee hours -- we had been doing only two for a bit. Her naps are longer in the day though, so I'm thinking maybe she's going through a growth spurt or something. That or she just loves cuddling with mommy, LOL. She doesn't get too much of that with me (but does with her sister) during the day.

Zo is also much bigger than Owen -- she's probably twice his weight by now (18lbs 1oz at her 3m check). I think that has to have something to do with the eating/sleeping. Takes more to keep her full. Cereal didn't work, so she's on solids now (just carrots, just a couple times a day, and not much), and I'm hoping we'll get into more of a routine with that and then with her activity upping up a bit, she'll get more into some kind of better schedule all the way around. We'll see.

Eventually, all babies sleep through the night. That's what I keep telling myself! Hope it happens for Owen and Zo soon!!

She giggles, yells, and I swear she growled at Libby and I yesterday, two different times (we growl a lot -- we're all about goofy sounds you know). She's also rolling over from tummy to back. Ped wasn't surprised about that, but we were. She's so rotund that we're surprised she can move her big self. LOL. She acts like she wants to roll over from her back to her belly, and gets her top half partly there, but her little legs (ok, big legs) just wobble a bit and then I think she's too tired to keep trying. She'll get it eventually, but now we're really careful not to leave her anywhere high while she's on her back. That kind of thing will happen when we least expect it!

So good to hear from you -- keep in touch!

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Tue, 11-13-2012 - 5:28pm

What cuties! So glad everyone's doing so well!!

Alby has his first shots on Friday, and I think he might be left handed. He favours touching and hitting things with his left, although no one in our families are lefties! He'd be the first!