Worst Valentine's Day Gift?

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Worst Valentine's Day Gift?
Thu, 01-19-2012 - 11:05am

Hi everyone,

What's the worst Valentine's Day gift you've ever received? Did your significant other buy you clothing in the wrong size? A gadget for the kitchen you didn't want? How about something so off the wall that it left you scratching your head?

Share your story here by January 31st. Your replies may be used in a coming iVillage feature!

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Sat, 01-21-2012 - 11:09pm

One of the worst and memorable arguments that my husband and I have ever had was over Valentine's Day. We laugh at it to this very day. We had only been married for less than a year and on Valentine's Day we were low on cash, so I told him let's not worry about the holiday. Of course, I didn't really mean it and since he had always been so great about gift giving, I thought somehow he would pull through and surprise me with something. Well, he took what I said literally. All day long, I waited for a card or flowers at work... and nothing. When I got home... nothing. After supper... nothing. I finally asked him, "Look, did you get me anything or not?" He looked absolutely dumbfounded. I was madder than heck just because I was so hurt. I learned to never say... oh, don't worry about it... unless I really do mean it!